Cindy McGee

Cindy McGee

Meet  Cindy McGee!

Hi Cindy! Where are you from?

Sebring, FL; but I’m currently in New Mexico helping with family

How’d you find ZOX?

I first saw Zox on Facebook and then on Instagram.  I first loved Zox because of the meaningful products, but mostly because of the community! The good that Zox does for others and shares that opportunity with us in the community, lets us be able to help, as well!

How long have you been a VIP?

I believe about 6-7 months. And being a VIP lets me interact with all the awesome people in the Zox community and also gives us the chance to purchase some pretty cool merchandise! I’ve also been able to share Zox I’ve purchased with others in the community, giving back. And I’ve shared them with family and friends as well.



If you could bring back a retired strap, what would it be?

Wow, there are so many I’ve come across and I’m doing my best to snag some of them.  I might say “Ghost” and there are a few others.  But that shadowy white is so gorgeous.


What’s your favorite ZOX memory?

I’ve enjoyed my whole experience so far, but what stands out the most is how we all seem to try to help each other find what we’re looking for!  The first time I decided to try and collect a mini-series set, a few months ago.  I had 3 of the 6 of the Feudal Japan series.  I put a “plea” (lol ) on the page and within minutes Christina Select came back saying that she had all 3 that I needed.  Others also replied to help but it would have meant 3 different purchases and waiting for them to all arrive individually.  It was awesome the way so many offered to help!!  I try to do the same when I can.  And another instance is when I was trying to get Friends are Forever straps for my different friends for Christmas. Members were very generous to help me again. And another instance I was trying to collect another 3 Strap set Move Mountains, Direction & Light it Up. I had the first 2 and was watching for the 3rd on the various pages, but Nicole Jeanne actually saw one for sale and she bought it for me and had it sent to me. She paid for it‼️ Such a kind and giving gesture. No strings attached. This community is awesome!  Also when I’m out and people ask about the pretty straps or singles I’m wearing, I love to tell them about the straps and what they mean and how the company gives back.

Which ZOX are you currently wearing, and which one do you wear most often?

Today I wore Peep This, Hunt for Happiness, Somebunny Loves You and In a Field of Roses, be a Wildflower.  I am getting ready to switch to Break Bread in honor of Maundy Thursday and the sacrifice that Jesus made for us.  And most often, probably something related to coffee (lol) or biblical/spiritual. Like my Java or my Zennifer, from the Halloween Monsters or my Not Today Satan singles or Imperial or Flamingos or etc... lol. I have so many it’s hard to decide some mornings♥️

How big is your collection?

Welllllll, it’s quite big I think.  I have 4 divided containers full of straps and singles, mostly straps (my fave).  And the Season 3 binder filled with Moonstone sets, and favorites I keep aside as Keepsakes and Light Wear straps.  I also have a moonstone set I just got that I can’t fit in the binder so I’m gonna have to get another one!! lol  And I’m waiting on another Moonstone set and a Gold Bar to come in.  My first one!  And I have other special straps in the zox envelopes in the binder box.

What does your dream strap look like?

It would probably be “God is greater than our highs and lows'' in the symbols that we see often.  I think it would be a white and purple strap with the letters in opposing colors on opposite sides.  Inside it would have the written saying and on the outside it would have the symbols all around the strap with small spaces between them but circling the whole strap.  Also I would love a Christmas edition in Red and Green, inverted colors like the purple and white and made in the same style.  And I think it might be called "His Love is Greater.”  And why?  Just because He is greater than anything and anyone and His love never fails us.

What do you plan on getting next?

Hhhmmm… I’m most drawn to biblical related straps, I have several sets of these, and then happy and beachy and floral, coffee, and musical or animal styles.  I’m working on a couple mini sets still so it may be completing them. But I have so many in all styles that I love.  Probably something biblical. Or musical. Or floral. Or beachy…


Thank you, Cindy, for sharing your story and your photos! I hope you’re able to complete some of those sets soon!

Each week, we’ll be featuring someone pretty special that we’d like you to meet and learn about. Keep an eye out for your friends!

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