Cindy Stevens

Cindy Stevens

Meet  Cindy Stevens!

Hi Cindy! Where are you from?

Chicago, IL suburbs

How long have you been a VIP?

August 29, 2018

How’d you find ZOX? 

I was gifted my first Zox - One Spirit - by my great friend Janet.

What convinced you to join VIP?

Once I had 1, I wanted many. In fact, my first purchase was a mystery pack. I couldn’t wait to get more and meet other people that knew about ZOX.

What do you love about being a VIP?

I love early access to the ZOX. I love the community. I love that we help causes together. I love that I have connected with people from all over and that we have many things in common. People need a positive place where they can be who they are and Zox gives that opportunity. I now have friends all over and that number is growing all the time. 

What do you love about ZOX?

I love the variety. I love the creativity. I love the fit. I love that they make great gifts. I love that they have positive messages. 

What’s your favorite ZOX product?

The straps are my favorite. I enjoy getting very specific collections, finding any WOLF straps made, adding great new straps and searching for older straps. I like stacking them together when I wear them. It is fun to coordinate them. I like wearing them and giving them. They are the perfect size to mail.

When did you start building your collection? What started it all?

I started right away in 2018. My first goal was to get Wolf straps. Then I started getting Can’t Stop the Beat and Love Remembers for my parents’ health. I bought them for my whole family. Then I wanted to expand my collection to add Holiday straps and find straps that had personal messages and themes that I loved. I make sure to buy straps when there is a certain fundraiser. I love the BLOG drops. I love the SS drops. I try hard not to miss any. You could say I am hooked. 

If you could design your own ZOX product, what would it be, and what would it look like?

I find myself needing lanyards on campus. I am a professor. I am a big fan of the PEW PEW strap and wish there was a lanyard. I would love to see a LUMI lanyard or a wolf themed lanyard also.

What do you plan on getting next? Why?

My goal is to get the new Asgard mini collection. I am also still trying to get my hands on the rest of the Om Shanti series. I am a fan of these. The thrill of collecting is the best feeling. I love the excitement of opening new ZOX packages. The mystery really is a mystery. And I do have to say that I LOVE the added stickers we have been getting lately. They are quite the bonus to have!

Thank you, Cindy, for sharing!! You're such a kind soul, and we're so excited to see you reach your goal!

Keep an eye out for more of your friends to be featured soon!

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