Garry Petricevich

Garry Petricevich

Meet Garry Petricevich!

(but you can call him Gazza!)


Where are you from?

Perth, Western Australia 🇦🇺

How'd you find ZOX?

I have been looking for motivational bracelets for awhile and then one day a zox video showed up in my Facebook feed and the values of zox really resonated with me.

What do you love about ZOX so far?

I love the community I was already gifted some zox straps already by another Aussie.

When did you join VIP?

I joined recently because I wanted to be surrounded by like-minded. You can really sense the love in the group.

What was your first ZOX? What drew you to it?

My first zox was this too shall pass and I love the phrase after reading about in an Eckhart Tolle book.

Are you building a collection?

I have about 6 but always looking to purchase more.

If you could name a ZOX after yourself, but it couldn't be your name, what would it be called?

I would call it A light in the darkness because I have a Facebook group I started to share positivity and my journey with mental health and also share mental health info, I recently changed the name too (we are all mad here).

What are you hoping to see released in the future for ZOX?

Tshirts would be an awesome addition with a big smiley face.

What do you plan on getting next?

My next one will be live in the moment because that how I want to live my life.


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