Kris Bradley

Kris Bradley

Meet  Kris Bradley!

Hi Kris! Where are you from?

I’m from Colorado USA (for now lol)

When did you join ZOX VIP?

I joined VIP in October 2020

What drew you to ZOX?

I was drawn to ZOX because I was very close to committing suicide from extreme pain levels from chronic disease.  So continue/you are still here free me in. I felt I needed positive reminders in my face. I didn’t expect to find a family of close friends who help encourage me and give me hope. 

What’s your favorite ZOX?

My favorite ZOX is my new cake double. Reason being, I typically hate my birthday. My grandmother who raised me died on it in ‘02, we buried a friend a couple years ago on it, etc. This new mint cake double gives me hope that new happy adventures are on the horizon. 

Let’s say you’re given the opportunity to create a new ZOX product: what would it be, what would it look like?

If I could design a ZOX it would be dedicated to autoimmune disorders. Because so many people lose hope with high pain levels, several dr appts, and typically being invisible. “Chronic illness superhero.” We deal with more than most people should ever have to see/encounter. Some type of purple ribbon which is typically for fibro/chronic illness.

What’s your favorite thing about being a VIP?

My fav thing about VIP are my close friends. I love them, and we all support each other, no questions asked. It’s never one sided. These friends see me more than people who are physically in my life. This is INVALUABLE.

What do you love about ZOX?

What I love about ZOX is the quality, unique designs, and collectibility. It’s fun to get blind packs to try for seasons and trade with other zoxers.

Which ZOX are you planning on acquiring next?

My next ZOX I’d like to acquire is the new season 4 set. The artwork is amazing.


Thank you, Kris, for sharing your story and your photos! We love your idea for the Strap, and we're so glad you're here <3

Each week, we’ll be featuring someone pretty special that we’d like you to meet and learn about. Keep an eye out for your friends!

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