Sandra Hicks

Sandra Hicks

Meet Sandra Hicks! 

What's your name?

Hey Hey Zox fam! My name is Sandy Hicks but my friends call me Sandra D as D is my maiden initial. I am thrilled to be chosen as the VIP of the week!

Where are you from?

I am from Flint Michigan Vehicle City (some of you may be sick of seeing my car posts🙃) everywhere I go I tell people about Zox and how great they are.

How'd you find out about ZOX? What do you love about ZOX?

I found out about Zox from a FB ad back in 2020. Went to the site loved the messages and elastic so I ordered Stand for Something and The Great Wave. I became a VIP about 2 orders later maybe one 🤔 lol.

My favorite thing about Zox is there really is something for everyone or any occasion. Even if it's not worn and just sits on a my dad's Problem Solver. The Zox is still cherished.

How long have you been a VIP? What do you love about being a VIP?

I actually quit FB a month or two after finding Zox. I had no idea there was a community until I logged back on in summer of 2021. I am so glad I did as I have made some great friends that I never would have met without Zox love.

If you could bring back a retired strap, what would it be?

If I could bring back a retired strap well first there is way more than one but I would like to see Foxes as a strap instead of a double with the card quote of "Sly as a fox" on the strap. Pink is my favorite color and Foxes jumps out at me. Also as an Army wife I would love to get my hands on a couple Army Strong and an Aim High for my Zox BFF. Zoxbox 9 would be awesome and lastly the ever elusive (to me) is Enjoy the Journey string.

What’s your favorite ZOX memory?

I have two favorite Zox memories. The first is when I pulled a One Day At A Time Tulips strap. My dad calls me Tulip so that is a super special strap to me. The other is when I received a fully complete order of Zox straight from headquarters. My mystery gift giver never owned up to sending it but since the person had my address I have my suspicion of who it's from. 🤫


Which ZOX are you currently wearing? Which ZOX do you wear most often? Why?

I have 15 or 20 go to straps or singles depending on what my outfit is that day but as of right this moment I am wearing F&F, Enjoy the Journey, Balance and Begin Again.

How big is your collection?

My collection is small compared to others but I'm in the 400 to 500 range. I have gifted approximately 75 to 100 as well.

What do you plan on getting next?

I'm not sure what is next on my list right now. I really would like to get The Purrfect Heist, Take the Senic Route and Stay Hungry with pin. So I have my fingers crossed and sending vibes to the team that pulls mps. 😄

I would also like to add that the other reasons I placed my first order was the recycled materials and providing water to those in need. Also even though Zox is not in Michigan anymore I still feel like I am supporting a local business. Maybe part of that feeling is the customer support team. I have spoken with all of you at least once either through email or chat and the personalities and helpfulness is second to none.
** Disclaimer: All photos and stories are property of the VIP. Their featured collection in this blog does not mean that what is shown is for sale by the VIP.
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