Shannon McGraw

Shannon McGraw

Meet Shannon McGraw!

Hi Shannon! Where are you from?

I have lived all over the US...Virginia, Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts. But, I currently call California home. Specifically, Northern California.

How long have you been a ZOX VIP?

So, I have been an MP subscriber since January of 2018. HOWEVER, I only learned about ZOX VIP and this amazing VIP community this past July!!!

What does your ZOX collection consist of?

First off, absurdly large. I just discovered I have WAAAAAAY more than I realized. Mostly straps and singles, with as many as possible having space themes. But I like having some fun strings, so I am in String Club. I have quite a few of the Pearls. Love my V1 mini backpack (I just wish there were more new tension straps coming out and even restock on some so I could customize the backpack more!). And I just can't seem to get enough of the hoodies (even though I am a short little 5'3 and they go down to my knees!

Which ZOX started your collection, and what's your most recent piece?

know my FIRST ZOX were the MP. But, Ascend To The Stars and the Lumi space themes were where I started my purposeful collecting. My favorite recent addition is this year's PRIDE strap, with the brick motif on it. I love it so much. But I am also so excited to have recently gotten Innovate from my dear friend Eileen Franke.

What's your favorite ZOX?

Wow. That is a TOUGH question. The one I wear EVERY day is Love Remembers that is a reminder of our connectedness across time and distance and culture. I wear it every day for my friend Willow May. A favorite pair that I love to wear is Language Of Love and Culture of Love. As for my all-time favorite for the artwork, I think I HAVE to go with Come Alive by Lumi.

If you could design your own collection, what would it look like?

My dream collection to design would be a take on different Doctor Who themes! I envision Weeping Angels, a Police Call box, a Bad Wolf, Daleks....just ALLLLLLL that awesome goodness. If absolutely everything was on the table, I would also make a String that had the silhouettes of all the different Doctor Whos.

What do you love most about being a VIP?

I love that I have met so many amazing people that are closer than friends. I have people I truly consider family. I have at least 3 new "ZOX sisters" and a "ZOX son" plus plenty of people who I consider my real ZOX family.

What do you love most about ZOX?

I love finding just the right ZOX to give to someone to let them know just how important and valuable they are. I recently had the opportunity to share Continue with a coworker who was going through some serious life challenges. She opened it and started crying and showed me the semicolon tattoo she had gotten that week to help her remember to CONTINUE, even when life throws SO much at you. A small gifted reminder made her feel soooooo seen and loved. She has worn it every day since.

Which ZOX are you planning on acquiring next?

In my dream world, Busy Doing Nothing, of course. Also, I have a design I want to submit and would LOVE to have that made and get that in my collection. And jump For Joy JUST got added to my ISO list this week. But, as far as what I am realistically hoping for...In Love and Euphoria top my list that I am always on the lookout for!

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