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Can't Scare Me

Can't Scare Me

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When we lose control or find that our path is taking an unexpected turn, that's when, usually, we begin to fear the unknown future. Any part of unpredictability is bound to increase our discomfort. Whether you struggle with anxiety or not, change can be difficult to come to terms with because It's a shift In what we're used to.

What will tomorrow bring? How will this affect my routine? How will this affect goals?

Change doesn't necessarily have to be scary though. And honestly, it, in its basic nature, isn't scary. It's our imagination that makes it nerve-wracking – our ideas of "what if?" Fear begins in our head and it can change in our head.

Here are some ideas you can carry with you to try to minimize your fears:

  1. Transform your view – Try something out called the "Infinite Game" approach. It goes like this: instead of viewing rules, boundaries, and purpose of the "game" you're playing (your job, your future, your health) as fixed objects, recognize that uncertainty is part of it and can help you to challenge your role in the "game."

In other words: say you have a job interview coming up, instead of fearing the results, face the unpredictability of it all as a challenge to improve yourself. See interviews as just part of the process for the next step after this first one. That way, win/lose – job/no job, there's no pressure because it's "practice" for what's coming next.

2. Prepare yourself for chances – Find something to ground yourself in for balance. Whether it's having an organizational system you have to follow for your day to go right or practicing breathing tricks before a meeting, whatever feels comfortable and solid can help be a shoulder-to-lean-on (of sorts) when life begins to feel a little uncertain.

3. Take action – You'll never be able to overcome your fear if you stay on one side of it. You have to face your fears, even if you just take small steps to get there. Starting slow and small will eventually build and help you to accomplish short strides instead of facing everything all at once.

I don't know what's ahead of you that's causing you fear, but I hope that you realize that you have the strength to overcome it. Take this awesome Strap with you as you face your fears and remember: it has no power to scare you.

Be bold,



Monika Suska

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