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Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

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"I have a younger brother that has cerebral palsy and after a head injury around 10 years ago he began to have life-threatening seizures, some of the longest lasting up to 45 minutes. When this began to happen, I was really young and through going along to multiple neurology appointments I was filled with fear that my brother’s life was constantly on a thin line. I heard countless doctors state that without fast medication, only available at the hospital, he could easily stop breathing and go into cardiac arrest during one of these seizures. It was then that I began to realize how crucial the speed of EMTs is. Over the years I’ve often found myself by my parent’s side waiting for the EMTs to arrive. There is nothing quite like the moment the EMTs come through the door.  To me, I see them as superheroes. They come to the rescue to save my brother’s life. They always work quickly while ensuring his safety and well-being. They’ve even given him teddy bears to hold onto if the seizure stops to comfort him; and, on multiple occasions, the EMTs have checked to ensure that I am doing alright too. The heroic actions of those EMTs still inspires me to this day.  I will forever be grateful to them for saving my brother’s life."

-Sarah Dierksen


Seyyar Tedorov

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