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Head Up Heart Open SS Bracelet

Head Up Heart Open SS Bracelet

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Do you ever find yourself writing off an experience before you even give it a try? I recently had a friend graduate college, and she had her mind and heart set on becoming a real estate agent. Then, she looked into the schooling, saw the prices, and fear began to set in. We had long discussions about whether or not she was making the right decision by returning to school for a few months to potentially do something she hadn’t even considered doing at the start of her college career.

Anxiety took hold, and she expressed several times that she felt like she wouldn’t succeed as a realtor. She hadn’t even begun taking the classes to learn how to do it yet! Out of pure spontaneity, she finally mustered the courage to apply. She got in, took the classes, and passed her real estate exam on the first try. After a few weeks of searching for a job, she got in with an awesome real estate agency right by her house that she instantly fell in love with. Had she let herself shut off the possibility of this new path, she wouldn’t have discovered how perfect things had been laid out for her by life.

Sometimes, all it takes is one mindset shift to open up a door of possibilities. Of moments that you’ll always cherish. Moments that you’ll be so grateful for years down the road. It’s easy to write things off because they’re scary and intimidating - I get it. But you’re more likely to discover incredible things in your life when you lift your head and open your heart. May this ZOX always inspire you to do so.

Be bold,



Daneisha Kirksey

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