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In This Together

In This Together

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 When we first started working on ZOX, I did something most people probably tend to shy away from: I got to work with my family. When I turned 18 and moved out, Brandon was only 9 - Jordan close to 5. To say there was a difference is putting it lightly - Brandon was into Pokemon and Jordan was more concerned with getting the pizza Lunchable. Understandable.

Deciding to do something together once Brandon was in high school and Jordan was in middle school was nuts, to be honest. They were obviously still much younger than me, but they had definitely matured. I saw a spark of my own excitement for what was next in them, as well as an almost father-like desire to help my little brothers understand what it meant to run a business as men of character. I wanted to show them that you could do great things without needing to compromise your beliefs - that you could achieve anything you set your heart on if you put others first. It also turns out that's pretty much the only way to run a family business - you have to constantly put aside your own feelings and remember that love will always win.

In This Together is a special Essential for me - it was actually one of the very first ones we designed because I thought it was that important. It's a reminder that we can only be as good as the people we surround ourselves with - we can only achieve greatness together.

I know a lot of you may struggle with this as you might be in a rough spot with those who are closest to you. Maybe your best friend isn't talking to you anymore or one of your parents left when you were younger. Maybe you're not sure who you're 'together' with anymore.

I see you.

I want you to know that no matter the struggle you're going through, you're in this with us. Brandon, Jordan, and I all want the same thing for ZOX - to be a community that's stronger together. My hope for you, no matter where you are, is that you recognize that you are part of something bigger than you'll ever realize. You're wanted, loved, and appreciated just as you. I hope you share this Essential with someone who deserves to know the same.




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