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Repos de la Nuit

Repos de la Nuit

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"Night's Rest"

Alphonse Maria Mucha. Painter, decorative artist, visionary. Mucha produced various paintings, posters, and illustrations in what was initially called the Mucha Style but became known as Art Nouveau. Many of his famous works feature beautiful young women surrounded by vibrant frames of nature. Muchas’ perspective was that “art existed only to communicate a spiritual message, and nothing more.” 

When the time for sleep rolls around, it’s often quite a relief. Long days can take a toll, but they don’t have to stretch into our nights. Our bodies crave sleep for a reason. It’s really good for us to rest. It’s even better for our minds to take a breather. Stress occupies too much of our thoughts and can seep into our sleep, causing restless nights. 

One thing I’ve learned is to silence our minds before bed. Taking deep breaths, noting things you’d like to release before you rest in your thoughts, and avoiding our phones and TVs can make a significant difference.

When the time comes for you to rest and you find yourself struggling, I hope that this strap gives you the breath you need to release what troubles you and allow yourself to sleep in peace.

Be bold,


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