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Rêverie du Soir

Rêverie du Soir

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"Evening Reverie"

Alphonse Maria Mucha. Painter, decorative artist, visionary. Mucha produced various paintings, posters, and illustrations in what was initially called the Mucha Style but became known as Art Nouveau. Many of his famous works feature beautiful young women surrounded by vibrant frames of nature. Muchas’ perspective was that “art existed only to communicate a spiritual message, and nothing more.” 

As days come to a close, my mind often races through the day’s work. What did I accomplish today? Am I happy with how things went? I’ll admit, I usually have trouble falling asleep because my mind is so busy worrying about the day’s events that have already passed. But, as my wonderful friend, Chelsea, told me the other day, “it’s already over and can’t be changed, I wouldn’t worry about it. Now you know what not to do next time.” 

It’s also a word of advice I often lend to my friends but always have trouble taking for myself. However, we’re not time-travelers. Well, maybe you are, but primarily that exists in fantasy. We can’t undo the past; we can only work towards the future and improving ourselves with the knowledge of what we may not have done up to par in the past. 

The evening is meant for rest and recovery. To unwind our minds instead of winding them up. We work hard during the day; it’s okay to let yourself relax. This lovely strap is meant to remind you of that - to take some time to yourself without guilt. You deserve it.

Be bold,

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