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Set Yourself Free

Set Yourself Free

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How often do you relive moments of the past in your head and feel immediate regret, embarrassment, or sadness from it? Most of us would probably answer pretty often. It’s easy for us to get tied to mistakes from the past to things we wish we could take back or be forgiven for.

When this happens, who are you searching for forgiveness from? Someone else, or yourself? 

Giving yourself forgiveness is harder than asking someone else to forgive you. We may not feel like we deserve that forgiveness, so we tie ourselves to something we can’t change anymore. The only thing you can change about the past is how you move forward with what you’ve learned. If you made a mistake in the past, work not to make it again. The point is, you have to set yourself free from that anchor in the past at some point. Otherwise, you’re going to keep getting pulled back into something that hurts you. And, my friend, it’s time to heal.

You’re worthy of forgiveness. You’re worthy of freedom. I hope this amazing strap helps you in your journey to do so. Give yourself permission.

Be bold,




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