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Sing Your Song

Sing Your Song

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We hear a lot about human connection, but how often do we actually feel it with others? Prior to college, I’d argue never. In high school, you have friends you think will be beside you forever (and some are, thankfully), but others are just those you never see again unless they post on social media. I distinctly remember in freshmen orientation at college, we played a game where we had to talk about our interests. We’d name one of our interests, and if someone else had the same one, you had to pair off and introduce yourself. 

I was, naturally, incredibly nervous. Here I was, standing in a crowd of strangers, forced to talk about myself. At the time, I was a major introvert, and that was not my idea of a “fun icebreaker.” Alas, I shared my interest in Star Wars and immediately drifted into conversation with several other newbies. Yet, in that tiny, shared moment, I felt a human connection. This thread tied around this stranger and me from some other part of Texas to bring us together then. 

There will always be moments where we feel isolated. Whether because of distance, our interests or dislikes, or our personalities, there will be times when we feel like we don’t belong. That we don’t relate to anyone else on this planet, and we’re alone. I hope this strap reminds you that you are never alone. There’s someone, somewhere, who relates to you. That shares the same interests with you and would willingly share a whole day discussing all the things you both love. The time will come when you find them. Keep singing your song.

Be bold,



Alena Karabach

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