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Though She Be But Little She Is Fierce

Though She Be But Little She Is Fierce

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Rarity Level: Exclusives

Stitching Details: 
0001 - 0100: Gold
0101+: Silver

Product Details:
-Laser engraved serial number on the tag
-PANTONE® printed ultra-premium elastic 
-Unique reversible design 
-Number-matching Collector's card
-Individually packed within a protective, resealable sleeve
-Fits wrists between 5.25" and 7.25"
-Click here for care instructions

People Details:
-Handmade with love
-Happiness Guaranteed
-Every order provides a year of clean water


When thinking about how to write the story for this Strap, I decided to write it to the daughter I hope to have someday. Here it is: 

Hello my dear, 

It's me, your dad. We haven't met yet but I feel like I see you already. I think about you as I watch your brothers play in the living room, imagining Sven trying to give you hugs and Mars kissing your cheeks. I dream about you my darling, you're beautiful in every way. You look just like your mother with eyes that swallow me whole and a little smile that melts my heart. 

You've got quite the journey ahead of you, my dear. I want you to know I've already taken every precaution necessary to protect you - to shield you from the dangers that lie ahead. The world out there may seem scary at first, but my hope is that through the work I've done here, I'm leaving it better for you.

Be vigilant with your mind my dear, protect it at all costs. Do not let the words of others affect your self-worth; know your value is beyond measure and treat others as if theirs is as well. Cheer for those who need it most - remember that each and every person you meet was beautifully and wonderfully made. Seek the best in people, even when it's hard to find. Stand up for what's right, even when it's not popular - you're better than that.

Know that I will always love you, even when you fall. Just promise me you'll always get back up. 

I love you, 


Release Date: 2.28.19

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