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Top Sellers Bundle - 12 Wristband Designs

Top Sellers Bundle - 12 Wristband Designs

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This bundle has been specifically curated by our team to provide you with the top 12 designs that we have available for sale over the last couple of years.

Whether you're unsure what to purchase for your very first retail order or you've been a part of our retail program for a while, this selection is an incredible option.

This package comes with 60 total items(5 of each) and a Retail Display the first time you purchase it. While 60 items won't perfectly fill out the entire display, it's a great starting point, making it the perfect number to really be able to test how well a specific design sells in your store and gauge interest on if you want to purchase more of them individually. 

**This top 12 list includes There's Nothing You Can't Do, which is one of our designs that has a Bible Verse on the collector's cards. It is a part of the group as it is consistently one of our very best sellers.

If you are looking for more designs with Bible verses on them, make sure to check out our Faith Based pack.**

The 12 designs are:
Believe In Yourself
Fight For What You Believe In
Focus On The Positive
Never Give Up
She Believed She Could, So She Did
The Best Is Yet To Come
There's Nothing You Can't Do
You Are Enough
You Are Loved

You Are My Sunshine
You Got This

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