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You Are Worthy- SS Bracelet

You Are Worthy- SS Bracelet

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Words have so much power. More than we realize, at most times. It’s amazing how we could be having a wonderful day, but the moment someone makes a derogatory statement towards us, everything turns to gray. All the compliments you may have received that day fade into silence, and the one hurtful comment takes hold of your attention. 

The issue with words is that they can be untrue. People can say hurtful things based on jealousy, arrogance, or ignorance, but what they say doesn’t hold truth. It holds their opinion. But no one deserves to hear rude words. Because each of us has so much value that we are worthy of good things; kind words, benevolent actions, love, care, respect, etc. No matter what someone says, they can never take away how worthy you are of compassion and friendliness. While we may not always remember this, I hope this beautiful Single gives you the little nudge you need to remind you: you are worthy of good.

Be bold,



Natalie Miles

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