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Your Wish Shall be Fulfilled

Your Wish Shall be Fulfilled

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Kara will tell you I'm obsessed with collecting books. While I love to
read, part of my enjoyment in collecting them is finding really old
prints. I think it's something to do with the fact that they've been
around a lot longer than I have, and I just wonder where they've been.

Old books have two stories to tell - one within their pages, the other
within your mind as you contemplate who owned the book before you, and
before them. There's something magical about that idea to me, I just
love it.

When Jessica suggested an old leather-bound book design, I was so
intrigued to see what she'd come up with. The original Sleeping Beauty
idea was told all the way back in 1528, with the more well-known
version being published by the Italian poet Giambattista Basile in
1634. After that, the Brothers Grimm version (that's most well known)
was released in 1812.

Let that sink in for a moment - this story we all know and love dates
back to 1528 - that's medieval times. It's been passed down for nearly
a quincentenary, aka 500 years.

My hope for you, with this beautiful design is that it'll inspire you
to do something that will live on far past your time here on earth. I
didn't even know what a quincentenary was til I began writing this
story - that's the kind of longevity we should all hope for.

Love you guys.
- Jason

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