Mystery pack challenge


You have a bright future in front of you!


You're the type of person to plan ahead as best you can for any situation, but sometimes you just need a push to get you there. Your drive and motivation make you an amazing person and there are moments when you feel like the world is waiting for you.


You're an explorer at heart with so much potential to explore in every direction; it just takes one leap forward before fear holds you back from taking those next steps into unexplored territory.


We've matched you to:

The Feel-Good Mystery Pack challenge 


For 10 years, we've dedicated our company to

changing the world with kind words through wristbands. Each ZOX wristband we make will display words of self-affirmation, this is what we call a wearable-reminder.


To begin this challenge we'll send you three random ZOX to wear, we call this our Feel-Good Mystery Pack.


This pack contains 3 mystery reminders that will uplift, inspire, and even challenge you.


It's just $24 for three amazing reminders you'll be able to wear for months or years.


If you'd like to subscribe and get 3 new reminders each month, it's just $10 for your first month and $20/month after that - our best deal ever!

"Perfect little reminder's for all of lifes little bumps"  - Holly P. Verified Buyer

You'll receive 3 from any of the 50 ZOX we've curated for this pack.


For 30 days straight, I challenge you to wear the most relevant reminder each day. When you're feeling lost, frustrated or simply need a boost, look at your ZOX and say the words on it to yourself.

"I received some beautiful bracelets in the Feel-Good Mystery 3-Pack." Jamie E.


Being positive can change everything for you and we encourage you to place the collectors card in a place where you can see it throughout this challenge.


Whether that be your wallet, your fridge, or bathroom mirror, the message on the card is a little extra encouragement to help you rememeber why this reminder matters.

"One ZOX at a time I love wearing them and giving them away.. with meaning!" Lori B. 

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