Singles Size Guide

ZOX are made to be form fitting and are stretch to fit. Medium will fit 90% of adults wrists comfortably - not too loose, not too tight. 

K - Kids 
Perfect for most kids 2-9. Some adults with very small wrists will also fit into this size. Made to have a loose fit for younger kid with it being more form fitting as they grow older. 

S - Small
Small size for older kids, most teens, and adults with smaller wrists. This size may not fit bigger teens.

M - Medium
Medium is our original size. It fits ~85% of the U.S. population well. Stretches to fit just about any wrist. Will likely be best for older teens and most adults. Not recommended for younger kids. 

L - Large
Our newest size, only around 5% of ZOX customers need this size, though more may prefer it. Perfect for teenagers and adults with larger than average wrists. These will stretch to fit wrists comfortable up to around the 99.8th percentile.