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Always & Forever Pack

Always & Forever Pack

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I love these matching two-packs we get to do for Valentine's Day so much. I love the fact that they match up so perfectly like the best friends charm bracelets from my childhood - such a great reminder of your 'better' half. Forever and Always has come to mean something very special to many of us over this last year as we've faced significant hardships on all sides. It's a reminder that no matter what happens, we'll always do better when we go through it together rather than on our own. In my own life, I've had countless things come up lately where I think to myself that I would never be even close to where I am now without the love and support of my wife. My hope for you, with these wonderful matching ZOX, is that they remind you (and your significant other) of the love you have for one another. Even when times are tough, a little reminder that someone cares about you can go a long way. 🥰

Big Hugs!
- Jason



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