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Change Is Okay Bracelet

Change Is Okay Bracelet

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One of my favorite parts of being at our home here in Austin is watching the all the trees slowly change colors - they go from a sea of green to a kaleidoscope of fall in such a short time it's incredible. 

What I love most about fall (other than the reprieve from the summer heat!) is how it symbolizes this beautiful process of becoming. Each year, trees shed their leaves, add another ring to their trunk, and start over. 

In a similar fashion, I think we do the same - we evolve, every year gaining knowledge and experience as we navigate this life we've built. We watch our friends and family change as well, everyone growing in their own unique way. 

That's why I felt like this reminder was so important - it's highlighting the simple fact that our nature is to change, and that's okay. In fact, I'd say it's a good thing. And my hope is that this little hug continues to help you remember that, even when it feels like nothing is the same. 

You're okay. 

Big hugs!

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