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Grow Your Own Way Bracelet

Grow Your Own Way Bracelet

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I’m going to go back in time a bit to elementary school. Do you remember learning about plants for the first time in science class? I remember, specifically, going home with a tiny plant, setting it next to the window, and watching as it defied my previous ideas about flowers growing straight up and instead, growing towards the sun.

I think about this more often than I care to admit, actually. It’s fascinating to think about: growing differently. For plants, it’s called heliotropism - growing in response to the direction of the sun. For us, it’s called individualism. We do things our own way because we’ve created our sunshine and have begun to grow towards it instead of responding to everyone around us.

It’s okay to grow your own way, on your own time schedule, as you want to. In fact, it’s more fun, I think. We’ll be happier that way, and I hope this lovely single motivates you in your journey.

Be bold,



Daneisha Kirksey

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