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Enjoy Today Bracelet

Enjoy Today Bracelet

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Have you ever had a near-death experience? If you have, you realize how scary it can be to think that things might be coming to a sudden close. We all know that endings occur, lives end, but when you actually think about it happening to you, you sober a little bit. A few weeks ago, tornadoes struck down here in Austin after several warnings. If you’re from Texas, you know that we get storm warnings all the time, but usually, they don’t actually happen.

We were at work in the ZOX HQ when the first warning came to our phone. Chelsea, our incredible Lead Artist, and a few others left work early to get home to make preparations for the storm, as the chances for tornadoes were much higher in their areas. Panic struck me a bit, the fact that I was getting messages about supplies to get in the case a tornado hit, but I ended up going home to “take shelter” with Camryn, and only sunny skies greeted us that evening. However, just about 40 minutes up the way, Chelsea had actually been taking cover in her home because a tornado touched ground only a few miles from her.

The next day, she recounted the experience, stating that she really thought she was going to get swept away in the tornado. She’d never been so scared in her entire life. Seeing that tangible fear on one of your best friend’s faces is something you never want to see twice. She walked into work with a little bit of strain from the previous night’s fear, but she was mostly so happy to be around people. To be okay and safe. Her day meant so much more because she’d made it through the night.

When scary things happen to us, we become more aware of the stakes at hand, but that doesn’t mean that we should lean into fear. Instead, it gives us ample opportunity to appreciate every single moment we have so that if tragedy does strike, we don’t face it with any regret. Each and every day is a present, and my hope with this ZOX is that you remember to enjoy today.

Be bold,



Kate Lower

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