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Faith Based Top Sellers Bundle - 6 Wristband Designs

Faith Based Top Sellers Bundle - 6 Wristband Designs

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This bundle has been created due to popular demand. Our Faith-based items are known for being some of the top sellers year after year, and now you have a way to order most of them at once!

Whether you're unsure what to purchase for your very first retail order or you've been a part of our retail program for a while, this selection is an incredible option to quickly get some of our top selling items.

This package comes with 30 wristbands. You'll receive 6 different faith based designs, and 5 units of each of them.

This package is designed to perfectly fill out 1 side of our 3 sided display with watch bands and is meant to pair perfectly with the top 12 pack we curated.

The 6 wristband designs are:
Fear Not
God's Plan
I Am With You, Always
Nothing Is Impossible

A few of things to note:
1. The top selling Faith based item(There's Nothing You Can't Do) is not in this list as it's such a great seller that we put it in the top 12 bundle. If you want to add There's Nothing You Can't Do individually, you can definitely do so without doing the entire 12 pack.
2. Multiple of these designs belong in the top 12 pack. However, we wanted to limit the number of Faith based items in there to only 1 as we understand not everyone wants faith based items. 
3. You can find a few of these as watch bands too if you're interested in those for your store.

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