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Mom's Best Year 5-Pack

Mom's Best Year 5-Pack

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This 5-pack was specially curated with one goal in mind:
To be the perfect gift for your parents to show that you care.

This pack includes 5 designs all centered around the theme of 'Favorite Child' or in other words, just showing your parents you care and appreciate them.

You'll receive one of each of the following designs with this pack:
I Love You Mom
To The Moon
She Is
Collect The Happy Moments
Radiate Positivity

Each pack comes shipped in the same size(we cannot offer to split sizes). You will receive one of each wristband shown in the photos below. The photos shown below are showing you the front and back of each wristband as they are reversible. You will not receive two of each wristband(unless you buy multiple packs).

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