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Give It A Try Bracelet

Give It A Try Bracelet

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As a kid, I despised trying new foods. Anything could give me a reason to turn up my nose: the texture, the smell, the color. While that kept me from putting anything inedible in my mouth, it did have the negative side effect of sheltering me from enjoying things I could have loved. Could you imagine not eating sushi? If you had asked me ten years ago, the answer would have been a resounding yes. As an adult, I’ve found that opening my mind can be applied to more than just food.

Now I’ve found a love for a variety of foods, music genres, and books. Do you know what the key to this mindset shift was? Ditching my judgments and embracing possibility. More times than not, my choice to try something new has given me amazing experiences. I’m so glad to have this mindset, especially as I integrate into the culture of Austin, Texas. I’ve done a lot in my short time here, and I can’t imagine what it would be like if I had said no to all those opportunities. The city is bursting with gems just waiting to be discovered — and I plan on doing just that.

Give It A Try can be used to push yourself in all sorts of ways. From something as small as trying a new hobby to something as monumental as a career change, this design is there to offer you the strength and courage you need to never miss out on incredible opportunities.

Talk soon,



Kate Lower

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