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Give Peace A Chance Bracelet

Give Peace A Chance Bracelet

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Tense situations can arise all around us – whether they take form in a social environment, within our friendships, our relationships, or between family members, they can take a massive toll on us. We each dream of peace, I’m sure, for the world and for ourselves. I’ve been in stressful fights with my loved ones, resulting in us tiptoeing around each other and having awkward conversations when both parties are still upset.

As valid as our anger and frustrations are, peace is much less stressful and much more rewarding. Usually, tension can be broken with something as simple as a genuine smile. 

If you find yourself in a tense spot with someone you love and admire, take a minute to cool off, sort through your feelings and thoughts, and give peace another chance. Perhaps, start with a kind smile, and see where things go. I hope this ZOX encourages you to take a step back and approach the situation with a light mind and a kind heart.

Be bold,

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