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Glow Up SS Bracelet

Glow Up SS Bracelet

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Our society focuses too much on outward appearance. However, beauty fades. That’s what my parents have always told me when it comes to dating: fall in love with who they are and not what they look like. They won’t always look the same. It’s incredibly true, too. I can’t get over how much I’ve changed in appearance in the last five years - I can’t even imagine what the next fifty will look like.

The most attractive attributes come from within, and I don’t mean “attractive” in the sense of having a crush on someone. We’re naturally attracted to kindness - we want to be friends with kind-hearted people. We’re attracted to humor - we like to laugh and want to surround ourselves with funny people. Kindness, good humor, caring, strength, etc. - all of those amazing things come from within. Those are the things that make people stand out above the crowd. I wonder what the world would be like if we focused a little more on how people are versus what people look like.

My hope for this single is that every time you look at it, you remember that who you are inside outshines your outward appearance. Your glow-up comes from how you continue to grow as a person, not from how you change your looks. The things that last are found in your heart. Let those be the brightest things about you.

Be bold,




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