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Healing Takes Time Bracelet

Healing Takes Time Bracelet

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This story may be for you:

I know that it hurts. I know that it feels like this pain is never-ending, but it’s simply that healing takes time. We can get into this cycle of comparing ourselves to others and how quickly they bounce back from whatever it is that held them down, but comparing yourself to someone else isn’t worthwhile. Your healing is going to look different than theirs – it may take longer or be easier for you than theirs. There may even be someone looking at you, wishing they were where you are.

Here’s the thing – we each carry scars from wounds, and instinctually, you may want them to heal quickly or you want to even hide them. Scars are not a bad thing. They’re reminders that you survived. One day, when the pain begins to dull, you’ll look at those scars and realize how far you’ve come in your healing process, and I hope you’re so proud of yourself.

Don’t feel like you need to rush. It’s okay to be sad, to be in pain, but don’t live there. You’re the only one that can pick yourself up, so take the time you need but get back up. Hear this: you’re doing the best you can right now. It’s going to get better.

Be bold,



Jason Kuipers

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