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I Have The Power

I Have The Power

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I have the power

You are your only limit in life, you have the power!

Don’t get me wrong, I know there many other aspects and obstacles we encounter along the way to achieve our dreams or reach goals. The main thing to remember is to speak kindly to YOURSELF. Because that one facet has a major impact on the outcome of how we handle situations. Don’t let negative self talk get in the way of stepping out of your comfort zone. 

If we allow negativity to take over our thoughts and consume us we begin to doubt ourselves and don’t take action on the things we want to overcome or achieve, this negative narrative in our mind can make things seem impossible.

This fun strap is a positive reminder to help you find a way to believe in yourself every single day. Don’t forget to celebrate what you have already done or overcome, you’ve come so far already, nothing can get in your way!

Mersadie Root


Luis Rodriguez

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