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In Loving Memory Bracelet

In Loving Memory Bracelet

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When my last living grandma recently passed away, I was surprised - I didn't tear up when I heard the news as much as I thought I would. Grandma had been struggling with severe dementia for quite some time and, somehow, I ended up being the person she would get upset at the most. My dad, knowing that these things she was saying weren't true, would listen to my grandma's stories, then relay them back to me.

At first, it was hurtful, to say the least. But as time went on, I became ok with it as my dad and I would try to make light of such a dark time - and to be honest, some of the made up things she was upset with me about were actually pretty funny.

At my grandma's funeral, I kept it together through the ceremony, then we walked next door with my family for the reception. 

And that's when I lost it.... ah just thinking about what I want to write here makes my cry...

Dementia is a cruel disease - it's one that seems to steal those last years with the people we love in a way that's not obvious until they're gone. 

I remember my real grandma - the one who would hug me longer than anyone else. The one who had a laugh so infectious you couldn't help but start laughing as well. I remember her little blue suitcase of my dad's old Legos she'd get out every time I came by, sitting next to me in her la-z-boy recliner. I remember her obsession with collecting those Precious Moments figurines, which is probably a big part of what led me to creating ZOX in the first place.

My real grandma was awesome, and I still miss her everyday. 

I hope this wonderful little hug makes you smile as it reminds you of all the beautiful moments and wonderful memories you had with the loved ones you lost. 

Big big hugs, 

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