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Live Every Moment

Live Every Moment

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-Hand-painted edges

-Premium vegan leather
-Polished surgical stainless steel
-Made to fit our stackable charms
-One size fits most

When is the last time you truly took a second to take it all in? To take a breath and realize where you are right here, right now? It's easy for us to take moments for granted, it feels as though we have such an abundance of them that we can afford to spend them wastefully. But as we get older, we realize that's just not true. 

If I'm completely honest with you, the name for this Strap was inspired by a video I recently found of my son Sven and I up at the top of the mountains in Malibu - he was two years old and it was just him and I, exploring. 

I cry every time I watch the video because it's the perfect illustration to me of how fast time really does go. Sven is 4.5 now and while he's still as adorable as ever, those moments up there on that mountain with him were so innocent, so precious that I couldn't get them out of my mind. It was as if watching that video made me realize how few moments each of us actually have, and how valuable they really are. 

My hope for this absolutely wonderful Imperial is that you'll remember to appreciate each moment you have when you're wearing it. Take note of the little things, the bits that make you smile. They're the paint that makes the canvas of your life truly beautiful.

Big Hugs!
- Jason
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