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Made For You And Me Bracelet

Made For You And Me Bracelet

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As we started working on the them for this week, I found myself reflecting on the diverse and remarkable tapestry that is the United States. This land, which has been a beacon of hope and opportunity for countless individuals, holds a special place in my heart, and I wanted to encapsulate that feeling into this ZOX.

The United States is often referred to as the “Melting Pot,” and for a good reason. People from different corners of the world have come here to build a life, bringing with them their cultures, traditions, stories and perspectives.

This diversity is what makes the country so rich, vibrant and incredibly unique.

This design celebrates that spirit. The vibrant colors represent the diversity and energy, while the stars and stripes pay homage to the flag that has, for centuries, stood as a symbol of freedom and opportunity for all.

Woody Guthrie's folk classic, "This Land Is Your Land," resonated in my mind as I looked at this design with its rolling hills. The lyrics remind us that this land was made for everyone, regardless of all the labels people try to use to separate us and make us feel at odds with one another. 

Put more clearly - the United States was meant to be a place for you and me, not you or me. And I truly believe that when we care about changing the world with kind words, we're getting closer to that original dream every day. 

My hope for this beautiful ZOX is that it'll encourage you to remember that we're all in this together - that we're a lot more alike than they want us to believe. 

That's my dream - I hope you'll join me. 
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