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Medical Alert Bracelet Charm

Medical Alert Bracelet Charm

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The most important Charm we've ever made. 

Built to weather the toughest conditions, the new ZOX medical ID Charms are our way of providing you the ultimate customization you need to provide vital information to first responders in case of an emergency. 

Specially crafted to feel virtually invisible on all of our narrow ZOX wristbands, each ID is made with a single thin piece of ultralight stainless steel that we laser engrave right here for you in our Austin warehouse. 

All engraving is guaranteed for life, and you can easily change out what ZOX it's attached to in just a few moments. 

This product is currently in beta and will be made in small batches while we refine the customization process. This is one of our most requested additions for ZOX by the community so please be patient. ❤️
**Wristband not included**Does not work on the original Straps. Works on Singles, Strings, & Imperials.
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