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One Step At A Time Bracelet

One Step At A Time Bracelet

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If you've ever been to the grand canyon, you know that one of the first things you think of when you see it in person is "Wow, this is beautiful!"

As you try to  comprehend the size of it all, the next thought is slightly more curious:

"How did this get here?"

The grand canyon is one of the most well known examples in nature of true persistence on a massive scale. A river, running through the area over millions of years, transformed it to be one of the most recognizable places on earth. 

This Strap... It's not from earth. Though the artwork looks similar, it's from a place on Mars where wind hits rocks in such a way that they form steps. These steps have taken billions of years to form, but are just being seen by us for the first time.

That's a fantastic metaphor for us, isn't it? This notion that the steps have been there long before us, but we didn't know until we looked. That, my friends, is my hope for this Strap: That it reminds you to keep your head up and your eyes forward. I know things are tough - each of us are going through a battle of our own; to be completely honest, a hug sounds really nice right about now.

This Strap is made to be that little hug you need - the reminder that you can keep going, one step at a time. 

Love you guys, 


Brandon Kuipers / NASA

Release Date: 4.30.20


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