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PEEPS 3-Pack

PEEPS 3-Pack

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Our limited edition PEEPS® 3-Pack is limited to just 1,000 sets worldwide, and comes with a wonderful surprise: PEEPS® color variants!

Within each special collector's envelope there are three ZOX: 'Inside we're all the same', 'Express Your Peepsonality®' and a random colorway of 'Chillin' with my PEEPS®'. Here's the breakdown:

Yellow 'Chillin' with my PEEPS®': 600 pieces made
Blue 'Chillin' with my PEEPS®': 300 pieces made
Pink 'Chillin' with my PEEPS®': 100 pieces made

Which one will you discover? You won't know til they reach your mailbox. ❤️ 

Big Hugs!
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