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Raaaaar!!! Bracelet

Raaaaar!!! Bracelet

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The last week of Monster Month has come! What an incredible, spooky, fun, and thrilling month it’s been. October is always a fun time: the start of fall (for Texas, at least), the promise of a new season, time to gather with friends, and explore the excitement of being scared on purpose. 

Isn’t that interesting? How we CHOOSE to be scared this time of year? It’s like we flip the frightening aspects of life on their heads and become okay with them. We dress up as monsters, accept the fearful as the mundane, and seek out ways to get our adrenaline up and running. That’s something I’ve found with each of these monsters’ releases: turning fearful into the mundane.

No one likes to lose their socks, but, as we’ve learned, Footholder Phil is just taking them to party! Sharks are usually pretty scary, but not Sharkaroni. He’s just trying to relax and enjoy his drink like the rest of us.

That’s what’s so special about this month: each day, we met a spooky new friend that was unique all on its own. Hopefully, you’ve been able to resonate with one monster or a few, because they’re all reminiscent of us - uniquely fun and unexpected. I hope that you carry the thrill of Monster Month through the rest of the year with this spectacular strap. May your Halloween be scary, fun, and safe. ‘Til next time!

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