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Series Mystery 3-Pack

Series Mystery 3-Pack

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Secret Stash

By purchasing the Mystery Pack Subscription, you'll gain complimentary access to the Secret Stash, a hidden store on our site where you can access our releases two hours early and even find some exclusives not available anywhere else. Trust me when I tell you this is awesome. 

This subscription is intended to renew on the 1st of each month. By subscribing, you agree to have the date changed to the first of the next billable month.


1. Packaging - I know you all loved envelopes as much as I did, so for this new level of Mystery Packs, I was determined to bring it back.

Series MPs now have a brand new, limited edition collector's envelope that they're packed in every month. But I didn't stop there. These envelopes also have a hidden compartment that unfolds to reveal a collector's guide with all the designs available in that month's Series, along with your odds of finding them in your pack. This compartment is also where you'll find each Series' exclusive sticker(s) hiding, meaning you're in for a treat!  

2. Rarity - With all the new hires we've made in the past few months (yay team!), my time has finally been freed up to continue working on what really brings me the most joy here: Creation. As I've said before, I love creating things that bring the joy of discovery to the experience - because that's what I long for myself.

This is part of what makes these new Series packs so incredible. There is no ZOX in these Mystery Packs that you will have ever gotten before. They're not available on our site, in the Secret Stash, Lost Links or even through the ZOXBLOG. 100% of the pieces in the Series collection are exclusive to it. That means even the biggest ZOX collectors can rest assured that what they discover in their envelope each month will be brand new. Simply put, this pack is a ZOX collector's dream.

Like I mentioned above, the ability to see your odds with the included collectors guide in each Series' envelope means you'll have a clear view of what pieces are the most rare. This is especially exciting when you consider the fact that nothing in the Series Pack is ever made in more than 1,000 pieces to begin with.

3. Experience - Everything we do comes back to this point. And in order to make the Series Pack experience better than anything we've ever done before, we've made these packs substantially different from anything we've done in the past.

Outside of the fact that everything in these packs is 100% exclusive and will never be available anywhere else, my favorite feature of the Series Club is the Guaranteed Goldie. That means that every Series pack is guaranteed to include one of our ultra-rare, gold-bagged pieces. This includes Black Stars and White Stars (both with cards you can save and redeem for even more ultra-rare designs), as well as Nuggets, our ZOX that incude an awesome extra like Pins, Charms or Sticker packs. For those of you wondering - yes, we're even developing larger Charms (for Straps) to be featured in Goldies.

"But Jason, how am I supposed to complete a Mini-Collection set if I can only have one pack?"

That's a great question, and I have answer I think you'll like.

Given the ability to complete Mini-Collection sets to earn Moonstones (as well as a few other special sets we have planned) requires additional Series packs, we'll be producing an additional 1,000 packs that only Series Members will have access to for the month so it's easier to complete sets and trade for what you need.

The Series Club will cost $35/monthly, but you can save 20% ($336) if you pay yearly - that breaks down to just $28 a month!  

5. Rewards - This is where a Series Club is really going to elevate the ZOX experience. In addition to continuing the Moonstone (and yes, even Mega-Moonstone) rewards, Series members will also earn unlockable gifts on their yearly anniversaries. On your one year anniversary in the Series Club, you'll earn an exclusive 'Series' F&F. Each consecutive year after that, you'll unlock a new gift that is 100% exclusive to the Series Club Members. That's our way of saying thanks for coming along on this adventure with us. Rewards based on the length of the subscription are limited to one per account.

Child Advisory

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.
Series Subscriptions will automatically renew on the 1st of each month.


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