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Someday Starts Today Bracelet

Someday Starts Today Bracelet

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Ahhhh, procrastination. It’s so easy to lean into, isn’t it? We have dreams, plans, goals, and ideas, but our mind says, “it’ll happen someday. I don’t need to get into doing it right now.” But, when you think about it, when is your someday? Is it tomorrow, next week, 3 years from now, 10?

I go through moments when I have that exact thought process, and it just cycles until I stand my ground and tell myself I’m going to get it done. Those goals you have aren’t going to just happen for you – you have to accomplish those things for yourself because no one can do it as you can. Whatever it is for you, I hope this ZOX helps you to finally take that first step. How much longer will you hold yourself back? Don’t let it be much longer.

Be bold,

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