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Still I Rise Bracelet

Still I Rise Bracelet

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I read something recently along the lines of “struggles will continue to beat you down, but it’s whether or not you get back up that will define you.” It sounds kind of harsh, but we have two options when it comes to hard times: be defeated and stay down, let it conquer us, and give up… OR, we can rise, conquer the defeat, and grow stronger from it.

In life, there will always be tough times. There will always be moments when you feel like you can’t go on or won’t succeed, but those are the times when determination to push through is vital. You’re meant to go through trials in this lifethose are what strengthen and mold you. 

Wouldn’t you rather say “I made it” than “I’m done”?

I hope this beautiful strap helps you declare victory over whatever you’re struggling with right now. Whether the tough time in your life is from something big or small, may you have the strength to rise above it and continue onward.

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