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Survivor Bracelet

Survivor Bracelet

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When I think about the word survivor, there are a few people who come to mind. One of which is a very close friend who was there when I first came up with the idea for ZOX. She was the biggest cheerleader we had from the very start, always giving them to friends and spreading the word about what we were doing without ever expecting anything in return. Her name is CK, and she was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

I believe every ZOX we make should have a person it's made for prior to beginning it's design - it helps me ensure what's made shares the message I want to convey. With this beautiful little ZOX, that feeling is one of peace. 

I could never claim to understand how it feels to go through this battle, but I do know one thing: You're so much stronger than you know. That goes for every single wonderful woman who's fighting this horrible disease to begin with: We'll never stop cheering for you, never stop praying that you'll see it through. 

My hope for each and every one of you who receive this wonderful ZOX is that it brings you peace as you go through your journey ahead. It's also a friendly reminder of everyone who's expecting to see you again today, tomorrow, and every day after that. You got this! 💕

Big hugs,
- Jason

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Difficult times have a profound way of showing us how strong we really are.



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