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Top Sellers Bundle - 6 Watch Band Designs

Top Sellers Bundle - 6 Watch Band Designs

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This bundle has been specifically curated by our team to provide you with the 6 of the top selling watch bands.

Whether you're unsure what to purchase for your very first retail order or you've been a part of our retail program for a while, this selection is an incredible option to quickly get some of our top selling items.

This package comes with 24 Apple watch bands. Here is the break down:

6 designs.
4 units of each design.
2 will be for small Apple Watches and 2 will be for larger Apple Watches.

This package is designed to perfectly fill out 1 side of our 3 sided display with watch bands. 

The 6 watch band designs are:
Awesome On The Inside
Collect Happy Moments
Focus On The Positive
Never Give Up
You Got This

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