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Tree of Life Bookmark

Tree of Life Bookmark

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I really wanted to use the Tree of Life as inspiration for this name because of everything it entails - the idea that it’s all interconnected. 

So why the tree of life? Well lately, I’ve felt like I’ve had some seasons of silence in my life - moments that feel like there’s just nothing happening - like I’m just existing rather than living. The link here to nature with this is uncanny. 

Sometimes, we feel like we’re all alone in a dark place - like a seed that’s been planted.

But what the seed doesn’t realize is that it’s been put there for a reason: To grow.

Just like we are.

The truth is that we are always growing, aren’t we? It might not be in the direction we want, but the old saying is true - we never really are standing still. But there’s something to be said about planting roots and growing up - getting better, stronger and more resilient. Like all the stories in Irish mythology, we have to go through the darkness in order to come out strong enough to handle what’s next.

My hope for this absolutely beautiful reminder is that it gives you the courage to be okay in that dark soil for a bit by remembering this amazing bit of wisdom: The greatest oak was once a little nut who held its ground. 

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