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We Are What We Are Wristband Bracelet

We Are What We Are Wristband Bracelet

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One of my favorite things to do each night is go out and look at the stars with my boys, who are currently just 7 and 5.

My favorite thing to talk about as we look up at the incredible vastness of space is just that - the truly unfathomable size of it all.

But there's more than that - there's the realization that all of us here, everything we know and love, is made up of stardust. This connection to the cosmos is so much more than just a scientific fact (97% of atoms in our body are the same as what's found in space), it's a poetic reminder of our intrinsic link to the truly unknowable universe.

And I think this design perfect portrays that magic in a way that's just so incredibly special. It's like a visual ode to our journey as wanderers, constantly searching, evolving, and dreaming in this vast expanse we call life.

It's quite intriguing, isn't it? How every memory we hold, every dream we chase, and every experience that shapes us is a part of this vast cosmic dance. The intricate paths we tread are like the countless routes a compass rose might point to, leading us through it all with the utmost care. 

I wanted this ZOX to serve as a reminder that we are, at our very core, a collection of unique thoughts, diverse experiences, and boundless dreams. Just like the compass, we may face multiple directions in life, but it's this multitude of choices and experiences that weave the magnificent tapestry of our existence.

Big Hugs!

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