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...yet Bracelet

...yet Bracelet

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This beautiful strap name came from a story we heard from a teacher in our community. Having heard her students get down on themselves for not doing very well in their lessons, she reminded them that they just haven’t grasped the concepts “yet.” 

We heard this story and were all taken aback by how profound such a simple word can be. I can’t speak for you, but I know that I often get down on myself for not having finished something yet. Forgetting that “yet” means “there’s still time,” I begin to feel anxious, unsure, and frustrated. But, as previously stated, “yet” is not an end-all. It’s an opportunity for more time. 

This insanely beautiful strap is meant to provide that bridge to keep going for you. Maybe something hasn’t happened yet, but remember, there’s a time for everything.

Be bold,



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