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You Belong Bracelet

You Belong Bracelet

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When I think about all the things people could say that would make me feel great, one that I always come back to is this: “I’m happy you’re here.”

Why is that?

I think as text messaging with shorthand (ie LOL instead of laugh out loud) takes over so much of our communication, we just assume that when someone meets up with us, they know we’re happy to see them. But I think some of that magic was lost, and that verbal appreciation of one another was lost in a sea of assumptions, if that makes sense. We assume others know what we’re thinking, so we never say it. 

My hope for this ZOX is that it encourages you to tell people you’re happy to see them, to let them know that they belong. It’s in those simple words that people take root in who they really can be, having a solid foundation of people who believe in them. 

When we shot the photos for this beautiful design, our photographer Nicolette had a really interesting photo concept - you’ll see in these photos that one of them is a girl, looking in the mirror wearing You Belong. I love this visual because it hit on a side of this I hadn’t even thought of: sometimes, the person that needs to hear they belong the most is you. I’m here to tell you that you, with absolute certainty, belong here. Being a part of your life is one of the most humbling and honorable experiences I could ever dream of. Thanks for being here.

- Jason


Darren Goldman

Release Date: 2.25.20

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