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You Can't Buy More Time Bracelet

You Can't Buy More Time Bracelet

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This limited-edition St. Patrick's Day ZOX has a special tag for all 100 gold stitched pieces, serial numbers 0001 - 0100. The 'O' in our ZOX logo is replaced with a pot of gold - our way of making it even more exciting to 'find gold' in your order. 

With St. Patrick's Day soon upon us, this is one of those inspired designs with a message so good you could easily wear it year-round. 

You see, one of the most common depictions of leprechauns is their fierce protection of a pot of gold, which often leads us to think that they are greedy little beings. 

But personally, I like to look at it a bit differently. 

Imagine, for a moment, if in all the stories you heard about leprechauns, they had a pot of time at the end of that rainbow instead of a pot of gold. How would that change things?

Well, it'd probably clue us in at a lot younger of an age that our money isn't what we need to protect the most, it's our time. 

Time is the only currency we can never, ever get more of. It's fleeting, and every single day we spend it without even trying. That means unless you are living with intention, you're wasting the most precious gift you have been given. 

I know, thinking about it like that tends to magnify the importance of something we're not usually very cognizant of that often. We make the choice to spend money, but time is different - it's being used every single moment, and the only thing we get to choose is how it's spent. 

So that's my hope for you. I pray this little hug for your wrist helps you remember what truly matters - meaningful moments with those you care about the most. 

Big Hugs!
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