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You Grow, Girl. Bracelet

You Grow, Girl. Bracelet

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Growing up, my dad introduced me to gardening. We started a sunflower garden in our backyard, and I remember them growing to be as tall as me. Aside from being a good bonding activity with my dad, it also served to be a really good lesson for me about responsibility and growth. When you take care of something, it’s bound to growtall, strong, and beautiful. I see now how it was a metaphor for myself. If I take care of myself, of my heart and mind and soul, I’m liable to grow through the toughest of storms to see the brightest of clear skies on the other side.

I recently read this quote from Audrey Hepburn, “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” I want that written on my forehead! As you approach the dark patches in your life, remember that you’re always growingyou’ll need rain and sunshine, hope and encouragement. May this lovely Single help you believe in tomorrow and believe in yourself. You grow, girl.

Be bold,



Darren Goldman

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