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You Have No Power Over Me

You Have No Power Over Me

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Negativity exists all around us. Through people, situations, mentality, etc. Unfortunately, it will always exist, but what matters most is how we navigate our way through it. 

It can often feel like life is a puppeteer, and we’re the puppets on the end of a wicked string. It’s easy to let life take the reins and let things happen to us cause we feel like we deserve it. However, we can make the decisions necessary to change the path we’re on, turn down a different road and change the circumstances. 

People can try to convince us that we don’t deserve happiness, but we don’t have to dance their magic dance. They have no power over you. You are strong enough to do things differently, and your will is tough enough to change the direction of your circumstances, so don’t take anything for granted. 

Time in this world isn’t long enough for us to abide by others’ misdirections. We can navigate through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered all on our own, with the strength and power only we possess. Life may send you into twisting and turning paths, but if you stay true to yourself, you'll see yourself through it all. May this enchanting strap remind you of the babe!

Be bold,



Jessica Douglas

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